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Trail Grappler SxS

Performance SxS Tire

Trail Grappler® SxS brings the durability and performance of the Trail Grappler M/T to Side-by-Side drivers.

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Smaller tire, same performance

Developed to compete in the King of the Hammers UTV class race, the Trail Grappler® SxS has been tested in the harshest off-road racing environments by the champions. Trail Grappler® SxS not only features the iconic tread pattern of its big brother, but it also carries on Nitto’s DNA of race-proven technology.

FEATURES & Benefits

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Using 3D computer simulation, Nitto's engineers were able to adopt the iconic Trail Grappler M/T pattern specifically for a Side-by-Side use.

FEATURES & Benefits

Every little bit counts


Nitto’s proprietary, automated manufacturing system produces extraordinarily uniform tires. This creates an easy to balance tire and a smooth ride.

FEATURES & Benefits

Make it back every time


Developed for the King of the Hammers UTV class race, and tested by the Hammers champions, the Trail Grappler® SxS carries on the reputation for durability just like it’s 40” big brother.

FEATURES & Benefits

Leave mud in your wake


The balanced void ratio efficiently removes mud and dirt from the tread to provide continuous off-road traction.

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