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Find A Tire Tips

Find A Tire: By Vehicle

The Vehicle Search is used to help determine what tires would be a good fit for your personal vehicle. To use this function, you must enter your vehicle’s information in the following order of selection: Year > Make > Model > Trim. Initially, only the Year dropdown will be enabled. Once a selection is made on the Year dropdown, each subsequent dropdown will be enabled.

If you are unsure of what your vehicle year/make/model/trim is, please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Find A Tire: By Size

The size search functionality can be used if you know what tire size fits your personal vehicle. If you do not know what your specific tire size is, you can reference your vehicle’s owner’s manual or check the sidewall of the tires currently on your vehicle. To use this search, you must enter the following details about your tire size using the dropdown functionality: Width > Aspect Ratio >Diameter.

Staggered Tire Fitments

Does your vehicle have different sized tires for the front and rear axle? If you don’t know, please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If the answer is yes, you can click on the checkmark to indicate that you have different sizes for the front and rear tires. Once that has been completed, please enter the additional tire size details: Width > Aspect Ratio > Diameter.